Adoption Rights Alliance, JFM Research and Clann Project Statement

20th January 2021

Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA), JFM Research (JFMR) and the CLANN project encourage all witnesses who gave testimony to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation to complete a Subject Access Request so that they can obtain a copy of their personal data and ensure that it is correct.

We fully endorse the response from some political parties (see here and here) to immediately bring forward legislation to ensure that adopted people can have unconditional access to their birth certs. This is a simple request that if met will show that the Government is committed to justice. Support this on social media using #BirthCerts4AdopteesNOW

A broad range of important issues raised by Ireland's mistreatment of mothers and their children through forced adoption and institutionalisation need to be addressed by more comprehensive legislation. In 2019 ARA published a detailed Bill and we look forward to engaging with those in all political parties and none to enact this legislation.

We encourage those who have noticed inaccuracies in the Final Report of the Commission of Investigation (whether that is a matter of incorrect facts or misrepresentation of testimony or not including matters that should have been investigated) to contact ARA and these will be listed on a dedicated ARA webpage. Visit this link for further details:

UPDATE, 11th JANUARY 2021: 

Click here for Adoption Rights Alliance, JFM Research, Clann Project  Briefing Notes on the Final Report of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation

Clann: Ireland’s Unmarried Mothers and their Children: Gathering the Data (‘Clann’) is a joint initiative by Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA), JFM Research (JFMR) and global law firm, Hogan Lovells. The purpose of Clann is to help establish the truth of what happened to unmarried mothers and their children in 20th century Ireland.

  • As part of this process, Clann anonymised shared statements, and gathered documentary and archival materials, in order to make a public group report to (1) the Commission of Investigation, (2) the Irish Government, and (3) international human rights bodies.
  • Clann will also disseminate archival and contemporary documentary materials via this website.