Magdalene Names Project

The JFMR ‘Magdalene Names Project’ examines various archives and records, including gravestones, digitised census records, electoral registers, exhumation orders and newspaper archives.  By recording and analysing the data from these archives the project seeks to offer a narrative that honours the lives of those who lived and died behind Magdalene Laundry walls.  JFMR plans to make these materials freely available as a resource to friends and relatives of Magdalene women, and to researchers and the general public.  The information gathered for the Names Project has been helpful in quantifying the number of women who lived and died in the laundries and how long they were confined.  Unfortunately, the work has also uncovered serious inaccuracies and discrepancies at Magdalene grave sites and our work is ongoing in attempting to rectify these issues.

Click the links below for materials relating to the Magdalene Names Project. More resources will be made available over the coming months.

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